Kingball – The Official Rules

With Kingball you aren’t just the winner, you are the King!

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Kingball is a game that transforms a pool table from your granddads pool table to an exciting game that all ages and amount of people can enjoy!  Kingball is an enhanced ball that has a built in accelerometer, LED and gyroscope that facilitates that game of Kingball to be played.  As you will learn, it is difficult to know when the ball stopped during this fast paced game and the Kingball and app will solve that problem!


obtain one Kingball (eight ball) & one ordinary cue ball

The object of the game is to eliminate all other players by either knocking the Kingball into a pocket with the cue ball before the next opponent can impact the Kingball or if the Kingball’s motion stops prior to them impacting the ball.  That’s it.  Games are usually played in sets and with the last player winning the set.  Once a player has won 3 total sets, the total match is over.


Anyone can start the game, or break, unless a prior game has already been played.  In that case, whoever won the previous set would break.  To determine the order of play, place both hands on the table next to someone.  The person to your right is who you follow.  The person to your left is who you are trying to knock out of the game, and thus be declared the King.  Once the order has been established, move away from the table to allow the game play to begin.


Use the cue ball to “break” the Kingball ball.  The ball must be hit with sufficient force such that “weak sauce” cannot be called.  Essentially the Kingball must be hit with enough force to bounce off of at least 2 bumpers if not impacted before then.  If not, you must try to break again.  If the Kingball ball is missed 3 times on the break, and/or weak sauce has been called, you are out!

A “sniper” shot is when the Kingball is impacted and immediately lands in one of the corner pockets.

A “back door” is legal on the break providing that there is sufficient force to achieve the 2 bumper rule.  In this shot, the cue ball passes the Kingball and hits it from the other side after first impacting a bumper.

Game play

Once the Kingball has been sufficiently impacted, the game is on.  Whoever was to the left of the breaker is up.  Your objective is to hit the Kingball with the cue ball while standing behind the far bumper on the opposite half of the pool table.  If the Kingball stops prior to impact, you are out.  If the Kingball falls into a pocket before you hit it, you are out.  Once you have hit the Kingball with the cue ball, it is the next person’s turn in the rotation.

If you impact the Kingball with the cue ball while they are both on the same half of the pool table, you have committed a fault and you are out.  If you impact the Kingball without being behind the far bumper on the opposite half of the Kingball, you have committed a fault and are out.

You must release the cue ball prior to the Kingball crossing the center line of the pool table.  You may choose to release the cue ball slowly, dubbed a “slow roll”, with the hope of gently touching the Kingball.  This is legal but the rule above must be observed.

Special considerations

If the cue ball falls into a pocket during any portion of your turn, you may pull any ball from a nearby pocket and use that to impact the Kingball.  You must still follow the rules of being behind the opposite bumper.

If the Kingball or cue ball is ejected from the pool table, the player creating the ejection restarts the game with a break.

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