The Family

Adam Charles King

Ever since my dad thought that someone from work may call the house phone (when we had those) he made me answer the phone, “this is Adam Charles King how can I help you?” Ever since then it’s hard for me to not join a conference call and not use my full name. Also, as a kid we moved a lot, almost every 2 years. When I was younger it was a challenge with the constant new-kid-at-the-empty-table syndrome but as I got older it turned into a strength. I had such a diverse background that I could talk to almost anyone and “shy” was not in my vocabulary. It also taught me to love people, all people. I really enjoy hearing their stories, thoughts, challenges and most importantly seeing if I can help or at the very least, help them laugh.  As President, I will encourage, develop and servant lead this group, and any others, willing to come on the ride.

Heather (aka Mo)

I think its important to point out that prior to marrying me she would use red and black pen in her checkbook for credits and debits. I rounded to the nearest hundred. Heather has a financial brain that more than compensates from my deficient one. An underwriter, trader, financial advisor, consultant and much more. She is irreplaceable at KCD and with this family. I would say that the choice for CFO was an easy one! She has been my wife for 15 years and counting and I couldn’t imagine doing much of anything without this lady by my side.

Brooklyn E (aka Bomber, BEK, Brookalina, Brook)

Daddy’s little girl, no doubt about. In my defense though, this is one incredible young lady. She has her moms brains and heart combined with her daddy’s eyes. She is easily the first to serve, first to pray and first to be first if there is sweets. I have had conversations with this little one that seem far beyond her years and I cannot wait to see what kind of leader she turns into because she sure does have the ability to delegate! At 7 bomber has already shown her aptitude for persuasion, reasoning and passionate pleading – welcome to sales young lady!

Alexander Scott (aka A-train)

A-train is completely unique to him. He speaks in many languages all of which he made up. He uses different voices around the house much to all of our amusement and that right there is his gift. This boy can make you laugh, smile and virtually any other emotion. He has a maturity beyond his age and a very cool, calm and collected exterior. Inside though, he has a gentle heart. His strength is combining all of the above into what we business people would call marketing. A natural. Probably not surprising then that the first thing he wanted to do with KCD was SWAG!

Colin D (aka C$ & Doce)

This kid. Man, oh man. First born probably says a lot but he has a competitive spirit like I have never seen. I’m competitive and so is his momma so undoubtedly this kid came out with the fusion of those two and then some. While he has some incredible strengths (yep unbiased from his Dad) he has this uncanny ability to become completely absorbed in the task at hand. Even when he was little and playing with lego he literally couldn’t hear you speak to him because he was so engaged with where his mind had him. He now applies that to different projects like 3-D modeling (first Kingball prototype), deconstructing and rearranging his air soft gun and figuring out how his Xbox controller works. At one point we thought he had something a little off about him until we realized how his brain works – complete absorption. I am proud to introduce you to my main contact in our Research and Design department.

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